Corporate travel programs can be time consuming to manage but also present a big opportunity for saving money on business travel. BHive Travel has compiled some of our best ideas for helping small to medium sized businesses save money on corporate travel.

Managing Unused Airline Tickets

The best way to cut costs in your company’s travel spend is to reuse the value of airline tickets for trips that have been cancelled. Unused airline tickets represent cash in hand, money you’ve already spent, and should be used whenever possible in order to optimize your travel budget. [read more about managing unused airline tickets]

Corporate Airline Travel Rewards Programs

If your company isn’t already taking advantage of airline rewards programs for small to mid-size businesses, you are missing out on free airline tickets and other business travel perks. If you are already signed-up, B-hive Travel makes it easy to apply and keep track of all of the reward points your company is earning towards free flights. [read more about corporate airline travel rewards programs]

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